Terelj National Park Tour


Itinerary Details

It allows short but unforgettable a day where you have the chance to explore the best of near Ulaanbaatar attractions and culture. There are Terelj National park and Aryabal Buddhist monastery. You will also visit a nomadic family, have a chance to ride a camel and watch wildlife. Enjoy the fantastic scenery of blue sky country and its nomadic culture from ancient time.

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Day 1 Meet in UB & drive to Terelj National Park. Turtle rock formation & temple.
Meeting point
Meet in Sukhbaatar square, Ulaanbaatar.
09:00 AM

Attraction places: Terelj National Park has located 70 km from Ulaanbaatar and protected by the Mongolian government since 1993. The park has an area of 2932 km square and it is famous for its extraordinary formations of rocks, gorgeous nature sceneries and Aryabal temple. Aryabal temple is known as a Meditation temple to Mongols. Surrounding places of the temple are very suitable for photographing and hiking.

Activity: Turtle rock formation and meditation temple. Visit a nomadic family and discover their lifestyle. Free horse ride trial (1 hour). You may shoot archery in the Terelj Lodge camp. Hike in the beautiful nature.


  • Take in the beauty and wonder of the beautiful Terelj National Park.


We offer 2 different type of tour arrangements for our customers.

Standard Arrangement

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Budget Arrangement

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