Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find everything you need to know; from who you'll be traveling with to whether tips are included.

Before & After Your Tour

Do I need visa to travel to Mongolia?

Yes! You need a tourist visa to stay for less than 90 days. So before you make a Mongolia travel plan you need to apply for a visa with passport validity of at least 6 months. For Mongolia travel plans for more than 30 days (30 04 more days stay), you need to register with Mongolian Immigration Authorities within seven days of your arrival.

What type of clothes should I carry?

Mostly during day time weather is hot, scorching sun rays and nights are cold and windy. Wintertime is extremely cold and snowy. So a jacket and a few warm clothes are a must for the Mongolia travel plan.

Mongolia travel plans are safe?

Yes, Mongolia is a safe country and Mongolian tourism authority is always ready to help and guide travelers. Mongolia's travel plans with a trusted company are 100% safe and secure. We recommend you to travel with proper tour operators to make sure that you are in a safe hand.

Can I use my mobile phone in Mongolia?

Yes, you can use your mobile phones in all built-up areas with a SIM card of GSM or CDMA type. If your mobile supports GSM, go for  Mobicom & Unitel and CDMA choose G-Mobile & Skytel. Don’t forget to rates international calls to your native country and internet packages. Some companies keep on offering internet offers from time to time so you can save your bucks by using their service. Also, every service has different rates for calls to different countries so select it is recommended to buy the service that offers low rates to your country.

Is Mongolia completely orthodox and people only live in villages?

NO and a big NO. It is a false perception and real Mongolia and its people are different. Though Mongolia travel plans are all about exploring the rich history and culture of the land Mongolian people are very welcoming and they accept the cultures, traditions, clothing, and food of other countries as well.

Secondly, there are well-developed areas as well in Mongolia and you can find rural are too.