See the wrestling competition of the Naadam Festival


Mongolian wrestling has no weight divisions, so mostly the biggest wrestlers are often the best. The wrestlers are divided into 2 sides and it begins with zasuul honoring the gloriously titled wrestlers to each other by their unique sounded speech and while wrestlers do short eagle dance by putting a hand at the shoulder of the zasuul.  Wrestler wears gutul heavy big boots, shuudag tight unflattering pants and zodog open-fronted and long-sleeved small vest across the shoulders. Winners are bestowed glorious titles depending on how many rounds they win.

There are Nachin (falcon) – 5 rounds; Khartsaga (hawk) – 6 rounds; Zaan (elephant) – 7 rounds; Garid (the Garuda) – 8 rounds and Arslan (lion) – given to the winner of the tournament. When an Arslan wins 2 years in a row he becomes an Avarga, or titan. One renowned wrestler was given the most prestigious and lengthy title of the ‘Eye-Pleasing Nationally Famous Mighty and Invincible Giant’. All titles signify strength and are given during the national festival Naadam. There is a variety of wrestling methods and some elders say there are hundreds of them. Mongolians are really excellent at wrestling, riding, and archery.