Camel riding at Khongor sand dunes

Umnugobi Province, Southern Mongolia

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National park

National park Area: around 27,000 square kilometers

How to get there: The national park is located in Umnugobi Province and 650 km from Ulaanbaatar city and 45 km from Dalanzadgad City, the capital of  Umnugobi province. You can get there by vehicle or airplane. By vehicle, 1-day driving distance. There is also flight on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday by Eznis Airways. Flight length is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Altitude: around 2100 meters above sea level

Things to do: Horse and camel riding, hiking, trekking, photographing, filming

Stretching from the border with Bayanhongor almost to Dalanzadgad, the 2.7million hectare Gurvan Saihan National park is the highlight in the Gobi. Gurvan Saikhan means the” Three Beauties” contains mountains, dinosaur fossils, sand dunes, rock formations that are kept ice for most of the year. There are over 200 species of birds, over 600 kinds of plants and many animals, such as ibex, snow leopard, black-tailed gazelle, and argali sheep. In the park, there are many tourist attraction places as Yolyn Am and Khongor Sand Dune.                                                          

Khongor Sand Dune (Khongoryn Els) is the largest and most spectacular sand dune in Mongolia, which reaches a height of 800 meters, 20 km wide and 100 km long. The Sand dune is at the northwest corner of the range. The views of the desert from the top are wonderful. Alongside the sand dunes is an oasis through the Khongor river flows. The sand dune is called Singing Dunes by local people because the tons of sand shifting in the wind create a sound like a distant aircraft. This dramatic scenery features many colors of nature as a white sand dune, the light green grass, red-blue mountains, and the eternal blue sky.