Discover Lake Khuvsgul National park

Khuvsgul Province, Northern Mongolia

National park area: 2500 hectare area

How to get there: Khuvsgul national park is located about 820 km from Ulaanbaatar city and 80 km from Murun city, capital of Khuvsgul province. You can get there by jeep, local bus or airplane. By car or local bus, drive almost 2 days. By airplane, there is a flight every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and flight length is 3 hours. 

Altitude: around 1645 meters above sea level

Things to do: kayaking, canoeing, hiking, trekking horse riding, boating, discover Tsaatan minority's way of life (reindeer people) and bird watching. 

Khuvsgul national park was designated as a national park to protect the cultural and ecological integrity of the region, which has been jeopardized by miners and traders. The Lake area is a National Park bigger than Yellowstone and strictly protected as a transition zone between Central Asian Steppe and Siberian Taiga. Nudging into the belly of Siberia, the region is well known for its wild mountains with snow capped peaks, alpine lakes and shamanism cradle land. Taiga Fauna and Flora, Tsaatan, practicing reindeer breeding are the main attractions for tourists.