Where to stay | Accommodations in Mongolia




Staying under a billion stars, the dream will come true only in Mongolia. That’s why Mongolia has to be on your travel list. 

When you plan to travel to Mongolia one of the first things your trip advisor would ask is “How about accommodations? Regarding your budget Accommodations can be different. There are two types of accommodations. Tourist ger camp, local family ger camp or even nomad family?” 

But you still have no idea what it means. Here we have all the explanations about tourist ger camps, local ger camps, and nomad families.

First thing first, each of them is simply Mongolian ger. Then what is Mongolian traditional dwelling, Ger? 

Round shaped, wooden walls and columns, the felt-covered traditional dwelling has been designed to keep its warmth in the extremely cold wintertime, stay cool and waterproof in the hot, rainy summertime, not to be blown away by strong winds in the springtime. Ger has been used over centuries as suited to its harsh climate and Mongolian nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes foreign people call it Yurt but it has been developed over a thousand years and now it's very advanced and if you get to know much one could admire the intelligence of Mongolian ancestors. When you travel to Mongolia you get to stay in Ger everywhere you visit but never going to get bored how interesting it is.

Tourist Ger camps: 

Tourist ger camp is: often located at the best viewpoint of the area, a certain type of accommodation that serves customers with gers instead of rooms and other services like restaurants, drink bars, modern washing facilities such as shower, toilet, sauna. Restaurants of tourist camps serve Mongolian or European style cuisine and vegetarian foods. Most of them will provide their customers with room service, horse or camel riding services, hiking routes and sometimes offer local folklore concerts. 

In most cases, restaurant and sanitary ware are located within a certain distance from Gers, not together. Some tourist ger camps are connected to the central electricity line and have 24 hours of electricity. But some of the tourist ger camps which are located far away from the settlement area have a generator and on it in the dark evening for the lighting and off before people sleep in the tourist ger camp. Also lighting from solar-charged batteries for some part of the night, allowing you to have light for using the washroom facilities, reading, charging your camera gear, etc.

Price can be a little different depending on each camp but usually starts from 50 USD per night, with breakfast. 



Local family camps - More like local families guest houses

Some local families who live around national park areas have their own small business for ger accommodation for travelers. Simply it's just a local family with few extra gears that can serve 4-16 tourists with their Gers. One of the best treats of staying in local families besides the cheap price is a connection with them. Staying with locals will give you the opportunity to share the daily life of your hosts and take part in their tasks. 

Not being completely nomadic, those families are also local nomads with a few livestock animals such as horses or camels. It’s difficult to give details about each family, but can generally say that: 

They have 4 - 5 extra Gers and each ger has 4 to 6 beds, but not really good quality. There will be kitchen Gers for travelers to prepare their own meals.

There will be wooden toilets and a solar heating shower room or Gers. 

Electricity is only available during 8-11 pm at nights and they use lighting from solar-charged batteries since most of them are not connected to the central electricity system. 

They can offer their guests' horse riding or camel riding opportunities. 

This type of accommodation is a great offer for budget travelers and prices will start from $5 - $25 depending on comfort levels such as beddings or sanitary ware. 

Nomad Family homestay 

Staying in a Nomad family is basically you will be part of their family and live like them. It will be a great chance to discover their unique lifestyle, culture, and history. Taking care of herds, milking cows and goats, making dairy products to help to round up the herd, etc, you will become one of the nomads during this stay. 

Visitors usually spend 1 or more nights at a nomadic family and get used to daily life! It will be a lifetime chance to learn about famous nomadic hospitality. 

Basically, nomadic families will have 1 extra ger beside them for guests to stay, and when guests first come to their home they will offer you milk tea, dry curds, special alcohol drink Airag (fermented mare's milk). 

They use solar-charged batteries electricity during night time for lightning, and to watch TV, and have wooden toilets but no shower. 

Most of the time you don't need to pay them with cash, but they will appreciate your presents. 

Camping tent 

In Mongolia, it's almost like everyone can camp everywhere in the wild. Mongolia is wild, huge stretches, the perfect place to camp. You can be alone in your little corner of natural paradise, by a river or in the desert, in the sound of nature, with the stars as unique neighbors. While camping you can enjoy gazing stars since there is no light pollution, having a bonfire. 


● But, you should be knowing some things when you camp for the sake of your safety. 

● Do not camp under a tree. In the case of strong wind, it's dangerous if branches fall. 

● Avoid dried riverbeds. If rain falls at night time there can be water surges. 

● The same goes for rivers and lakes. Take your distance around 100 meters for your safety. 


So the best option would be to find a sheltered area for your tent, and preferably a spot where the morning sun shines early on your tent to dispel the cold of the night. 



Each of them has their own special threats. 

➔ Tourist ger camps are the most comfortable.

➔ Local ger camps and nomad families are the most authentic.

➔ Camping would be the closest to nature.

And you can choose which one is best for you. Depending on your budget you can mix them up too. 

Whichever you choose to stay will be an amazing stay. Mongoliatours.com can fulfill your expectations about your accommodations as we work with the best local partners.