Visit Mongolia - Best Time To Travel Mongolia

For an explorer and travel enthusiast every season of the year and every time of the day ideal for traveling. As every season and each moment of the day has something to offer. It is up to the travelers what season and what time of the day they love.

When it comes to the best time to travel. The answer is simple and quite favorable for travelers. You can go in any season and at any time of the year. Travel Mongolia is not, particularly because the country`s geographical location and the climatic condition is advantageous. Each season has its own charm and the country landscapes present unique yet fascinating look in every season.


When travelers ask that what is the best time to travel; the recommendations depend on the point of what season you love most. In which season you feel more energized and happy. That is the best time to go.

For your ease here is a small description of seasons and their intensity as per Mongolia weather.

Visit Mongolia – A Little About Climatic Condition Of Mongolia

it is not an ordinary land it is popular for so many natural things. On one hand, you can explore the nomadic culture and simplest lifestyle, on the other hand, you can travel through Gobi desert and check out dinosaurs fossils.

It is not the end of the beauty of country, people visiting for its beautiful mountain ranges, lakes, sand dunes, etc. When it comes to natural beauty, the land of Mongolia is very blessed and the natives have preserved most of its beautiful area. The sky is not just the sky, it’s a sparkling dark blue sheet with glittering stars spread all over it. The sky is mesmerizing and I assure you that such scenes are not present in any other land of this world. Some travelers visits just to live in Ger and witness the shiny miny sky.


As there is almost no pollution in the vast county sides of Mongolia, the climatic conditions are very ideal and pleasant in the country so have a trip whenever you want. You can predict the climate and weather conditions because year after year there is a very slight change in seasons of each year.  

it is known as the country of "Blue Sky of 4 Seasons ". Throughout the year it has almost 257 sunny days. These days are hot with no clouds and slight humidity. Trip to Mongolia in summers to take a sunbath and enjoy the warmth of the sun in every possible way.

As the climatic bounds are tied with Southern Siberia, the country has a continental climate. This means winters are dry, long and very cold whereas the summers are wet, brief, mild and pleasant.

The average temperature in summers is +21°C, (+65°F) and in winter temperature is –20°C, (-13°F). The rainfall is romantic, pleasing and doubles the beauty of mountainous areas.  The average rainfall is between 200mm to 220 mm.

Best Time to Visit Mongolia Recommendations:

Recommendations for the best time to Travel are always for the Mongolian summer season. So the best time to travel is from the mid of June till the end of August.  During this season the weather is sunny during day time and nights are soft and calm. There is plenty of rainfall during the season which balances the heat from the sun and makes the steppes lush green. All the sceneries are at the peak of their beauty and animals can be seen wandering here and there.

The best time to have a trip in a cumulative frame is from June to September. During the month of September, there is the autumn season which is another good time to go their. Autumn is not so hot yet not so cold, very colorful. The dry leaves and semi-naked trees their own essence and charm. The autumn sceneries are picturesque and tranquilizing. Photographers and painters should Travel to Mongolia in the autumn season.

Four Seasons You Should Consider To Visit Mongolia:

1) Winter Season:

Winter starts in November and ends in February. This season is not ideal for Arabian visitors as they are not habitual of extremely cold weather, whereas western visitors enjoy this season a lot. The temperature is continuous remains below freezing and can go down to -30°C and remains low till April.


It is not a much windy season but still, the wind is strong. if you want to see snow-covered mountains and want to spend some time in the snow. During the season you do dogsled, ice skiing and hike the snow-covered mountains.

2) Spring Season:

Springs are known to be happy times of the year in every country but, it is not like that. You can Have a Vacations in March and April to enjoy spring seasons. The temperature is usually below freezing, the weather is harsh and very rough. Even locals consider it a rough time of the year. Livestock food crises and hardships of nomads can be seen during this time of the year. For travelers, spring is not the good time to go.


But in city areas, spring is not so rough and most of the facilities are available at discounted rates. So spring can be the wonderfull time to go if you are on a budget.

3) Summer Season

Summers are the most recommended for travelers. It starts in May and lasts until the end of August. Mid of July to the end of August is peak time when people all around the world visits their. During May sometimes there is light snowfall, which is not very rough and has its own magnificence.


From June to September the season is rainy, influenced by the Chinese summer monsoon. The rainfall is heavy in November and can cause a disturbance in-flight and travel schedules so if you have to rush to your schools or offices the very next day this season is not the best time for travelers. The rivers begin to swell and the landscapes turn into awesome gardens in November.  All the surroundings seem to be lush green, heavenly and very dreamy.

4) Autumn Season

Autumn is for photographers, artists and autumn lovers only. It starts in September and stretches till October. It is the best time for travelers to visit, if you love autumn colors, dry leaves, and mildly cold weather. As the season starts the northern forests start changing their colors and become more appealing and triple times spectacular as compared to summers and winters.


This time of the year is not so predictable and the weather can show cold or warm tantrums so your bag pack should have clothing range to cater to the broad conditions. occasional snow and sudden cold weather can be expected during Autumn.

Month Wise Weather Chart To Consider Before You Plan To Visit Mongolia:

Average: day/night Warmest Coldest Rainfall Snowfall
January -16°C /-26°C -11°C -30°C 0 2-4
February -11°C / -24°C -10°C -26°C 0 1-2
March -4°C /-14°C 4°C -24°C 0 1
April +8°C /-4°C 12°C -9°C 0 0
May +15°C / +4°C 18°C 1°C 1 0
June +22°C / +6°C 26°C 8°C 2-3 0
July +25°C / +12°C 32°C 11°C 4-6 0
August +21°C / +10°C 30C 8°C 4-6 0
September +16°C / +4°C 25°C 1°C 2-3 0
October +8°C / -6°C 14°C -12°C 0 1-2
November -11°C / -15°C 4°C -22°C 0 2-4
December -13°C / -22°C -10°C -26°C 0 3-6


Visit Mongolia FAQS:

What is the Good time to go Mongolia according to climate and festival Schedules?

Travelers cannot only rely on the natural beauty and the history of the land. The festivals, sports, and mega-events are another charming factor to travel. Make your Mongolia trip awesome when festive and climatic seasons incorporate your travel schedule.

  • July is the best because the Naadam Festival is held from 11th to 15th of July.
  • June to October is the best time to visit Gobi Desert because it is shoulder season.
  • Northern areas and Khuvsgul Lake from July August as this is shoulder season in the areas.
  • Golden Eagle Festival id held on the 1st of October in Altai in western.
  • For winter lovers and snow lovers, February is the best time to visit.

Does Mongolia Visa Policy restrict tourists at any time or season of the year?

No not at all, tourist policy is favorable for visitors and you can take visa and visit in any season and any time of the year. There are no restrictions by government authorities.

Can tourists visit Mongolia for hunting and do they need a license for hunting in Mongolia?

Yes, visitors need a license and have to follow safety measures defined by the law for hunting. For 25 years the country has set proper hunting facilities for tourists. For Altai Argali, Hangai Argali and Gobi Argali limited licenses are issued every year. You also need a permit for bird shooting in Mongolia.

Killing and hunting of Snow leopard and Saiga Antelope is strictly prohibited by law for tourists and natives so if you are offered to hunt these animals by any travel operator or native, do not fall in the trap you can face legal action and charges for hunting these two protected animals.

Hunters can visit Mongolia for the hunt of which animals on the license?

On License, you can hunt these species: 

  • Asian Elk
  • Altai Argali
  • Hangai Argali
  • Gobi Argali
  • Hillier Goitered black-tailed Gazelle
  • Mongolian white-tailed Gazelle
  • Siberian Ibex
  • Gobi Ibex
  • Asian Wolf
  • Siberian Roe Deer
  • Wild Boar

List of Birds for bird shooting license 

  • Asian Capercaillie
  • Black Cock
  • Hazel Hen 
  • Sandgrouse