National dwelling ger

Mongolian Ger

Mongolian traditional dwelling, Ger, is used over centuries as suited to its harsh climate and nomadic lifestyle. Ignorant foreigner looks at it as a yurt but it has been developed over centuries and very advanced and if you get to know much one perhaps admire the intelligence of our ancestors. It is designed round-shaped not allowing strong wind to blow it away and covered by waterproof and durable felt. It keeps warm in winter and cools in summer. When you travel Mongolia you get to know it that it’s everywhere at tourist camps, very interesting. Nowadays, people still dwell Ger in the rural areas of the city as a result that they do not have sufficient money to buy modern apartments and townhouses.

Mongolian Ger contains mainly of wooden structure and felt cover, which is portable and easy to install.  Depends on the size, commonly there are eighty-eight separate wooden poles each measuring around 1,5 meters and central columns to support the entire structure. On top, there is a round window enabling the smoke out and sunlight in. the door always faces south for more light. In summer, you can lift up the felt skirt to enable more air in and enjoying beautiful and green summer.

The khoimer, which is directly opposite the door, is where valuable objects are stored or displayed, such as a small Buddhist display. Most families also keep a collage of photographs of the family, relatives and close friends at the khoimor. This is the most respected part of the ger and guests are often invited to sit at the khoimer.

When you travel Mongolia and stay some time at Ger, where you can feel and taste the difference in the world.