Everything About Solo Traveling In Mongolia

Travel Solo and Explore Every Corner of Mongolia

You might wonder what is solo traveling and how people manage all the things when visiting a new place all alone. To understand the concept of SOLO traveling and its benefits you first need to go through the definition of solo travel.

What is Solo Travel or Solo Trip?

Solo means going alone, solo travel refers to any traveling plan in which you travel from one place to another without your family members, colleagues, or friends. Simply saying a travel plan tailored specially for you, where you are free to move in any direction.

Now some people might assume they will be all alone throughout the trip. NO, it is not like that. You can meet your friends and family living in a particular part of the land you are traveling to. You can also make new friends and try group activities. The word “Solo” here, means you will spend your major span of time alone during your trip.

“The concept behind the solo trip is to tailor a happy trip for you –not a perfect trip that flows with the schedule.”

Why You Should Travel Solo?

“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” — Henry David Thoreau

Solo traveling is a complete dose of fun, excitement, thrill, and pleasure. Assume nobody is around you to judge your activities, to make fun of you, or to dictate you about big and small things.

“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!”

The solo trip will liberate you and help you decide for yourself. It gives you plenty of ME time so you can explore what you love and what you do just for the people around you. 

The most amazing part of solo travel plans is that you learn to leave your comfort zone and start taking responsibility for your decisions. You learn to take the burden and find a solution to your big and small problems in life.

You can also flood your Instagram, YouTube, or other social media with your experience, pictures, silly things you do, your travel problems, and everything else. After the trip, there will be some memories that are only and only for you. There will be a life that you have lived on your own, in your very own way. Isn’t it amazing and your deep desire?

Places To Visit Solo

With word solo, safety concerns pop in mind. Where to go for a solo trip is an obvious question. And the answer is, you can hit any place that inspires you when you check the photos of it on the internet.  

100percent safety cannot be promised, but you can choose any place which has a low crime rate and a good police system. As you are traveling alone, you also need to look at the culture of the place you have selected. Some countries around the world do not have a culture of women traveling alone, some might restrict you for a particular dress code or have strict laws for travelers.

All these restrictions will not let you explore the land properly. So it is best to go to countries which have broadminded culture, fewer restrictions, and a low crime rate.

For my first solo trip, I preferred to travel to Mongolia because the land is a complete combo of natural beauty with mountains, deserts, forest, twinkling sky, valleys, rivers, wildlife, and much much more. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the modern-day facilities. Mongolian cuisine and sports events have their own charm. Whereas you can also experience nomadic life here.

Places to Visit Solo in Mongolia –Ulaanbaatar and Nearby Areas

Visited the coldest capital city in the world– Ulaanbaatar

Before you treat yourself with the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia, enjoy the city life of Ulaanbaatar. Give yourself a shot of luxury. Here you can jump on beds of a 5-star hotel, buy tons of unique products at local bazaar and shopping malls.

In Ulaanbaatar, the people are liberal progressive and welcome solo travelers wholeheartedly. You can also make one day friends easily at shopping malls or restaurants. Even during a small walk over the streets, you can enjoy beautiful architecture, beautiful monuments, and Genghis Khan(Chinggis Khan) big and small statues.

A variety of cuisines including Korean, Japanese, Indian, African, and Afghani are available in Ulaanbaatar at a very low cost.   You can further explore the city and visit Genghis Khan Statue Complex and National History Museum. The museum is popular for artifacts of the Genghis Khan era and even before his era. Under one roof you can explore everything about the art and culture of Mongolia.

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery is the treasure house of Buddhist heritage. Photography fun is unlimited here.

At night you can catch up bars, casinos and dance clubs in the city. As a solo traveler, you are recommended to catch up with popular ones only and avoid roadside clubs. The famous clubs have standard products and their environment is also nice. Whereas roadside cubs may have low quality or locally made alcohol and you have to take good care of your belongings there.

Dance without getting worried about your steps and skills because you are traveling solo.

The Gorkhi-Terelj  National Park

The landscapes at Gorkhi Terelj National Park are mesmerizing. You can spread your eyes in 360-degrees and every corner is a piece of heaven. The hills covering the area are covered with greenery and trees creating a scenic formation. The flowing rivers add grandness to the park.

The rock formations are loved by all visitors, the 24-meter high turtle rock is one of them. You can hire a Bactrian camel to catch one spot and another back to back. People usually start hiking trips from turtle rock and move towards the Ariyabal Meditation Temple which was built in 1810 and resorted in 2004-2007 because of the natural energy of this area. It looks like an elephant head. To reach Ariyabal Temple you have to pass through Bridge of Heaven with 108 stone stairs.

Terelj National Park offers tons of activities like archery, hiking, riverside bathing, camping, stay at Ger, meeting local families, etc. For a solo traveler, Terelj Park is completely safe and a one-stop for great varieties of fun activities.

Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

Almost 300 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar there is an 80 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide desert named as Mini Gobi or Khugnu Tarna National Reserve. Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes have a unique beauty that you cannot experience in other parts of the world. Some hills are covered with bushes, there is a forest and a river nearby.

Local families in the area welcome the travelers and serve free food. They usually offer you a sheep coat to save yourself from cold. Rent a camel and move in all directions alone, take pictures, and make memories.