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Mongolia is considered to be super cheap yet highly attractive. Budget tour Mongolia is for people who plan smartly and wisely before making their bookings for hotels, food and other facilities. Once you will start searching for Mongolia bookings online, you will find similar names of hotels and activities on almost all the websites.

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That’s the point where the game begins. Mongolia tourism industry is not very old that is why it is not well managed as compared to New York or Dubai industry. So here you will find limited accommodation places if you are searching for websites. When you will book everything you will feel like you have saved money and planned a budget tour Mongolia; once you will step in the country you will feel like you are being ditched.

This article is especially for you to understand how the Mongolia tourism industry works and how you can smartly book a well-organized and pocket-friendly trip to Mongolia.

Plus Points

Mongolia tourism industry is flourishing but the infrastructure of the country is not very advanced that’s why most of the things you see in big cities normally are considered rare in Mongolia. To attract tourists and travelers Mongolia tourism industry is not charging any cost for most of the sites.

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The cherry on the top, the accommodation facilities are very very cheap, you can have a luxurious hotel room in 5 times less amount as compared to New York, Dubai, Singapore, Paris. In Ulaanbataar you can find high standard hotels easily, as there are limited options, the management of hotels keep their service standards high to meet the competition.

You can easily book your hotel rooms, food, and other facilities online through websites to avoid the hassle, but that’s not the way to avail of a budget tour Mongolia.

Obstacles in the Way of Budget Tour Mongolia?

Though accommodation in Mongolia is very cheap but traveling in Mongolia will cost a lot. Yes! Mongolia trips soon turn into expensive and problematic trips because of traveling facilities and costs. So the dream of budget tour Mongolia is useless if you haven’t planned how you will travel throughout your tour.

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Throughout the country, there are no adequate facilities for public transportation or even private cars for tourists. The reason for poor transportation facilities is that there are no such roads. Accept in Ulaanbataar roads, highways and expressways are not there.

Signage to guide routes to travelers is also rare so if you are traveling alone and not good at reading maps you will be in big trouble.

Language is another major barrier, when you step out of the city area you will realize that people don`t understand English at all, not even small words. So taking help from locals is not easy as you will not be able to explain what you are looking for. These are the major obstacles in your way towards budget tour Mongolia.

How to Plan a Budget Tour Mongolia

It is recommended to book your transportation from airport to hotel, your hotel room and your meal for that time in advance. The best way is to book these facilities online, but don’t book a food facility for the complete tour.  Once you will show up in Ulaanbaatar you will start, you can book the rest of the tour plans from here.

We don’t recommend to go for tour plans offered randomly by locals or hotel management. The reason is there is no authority you can claim in case of a scam. Secondly, that could be risky and you may suffer a lot due to poor facilities. The weather is sometimes not favorable and a little hosh-posh can be very problematic.

Booking Budget tour Mongolia

In Ulaanbaatar

99 Guesthouse and Golden Gobi are the two best places to stay in Ulaanbaatar. Their service standards are high and almost all the facilities you expect from a hotel are present here. You can get rooms at these places $50-100 US dollars per person for one day. If you are traveling in a group so for three to four people one room good enough and you can divide the cost.

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During the peak, season prices are a little high but through our website, you can get your bookings done at low prices without any hassle.

Also, book your transportation, usually van service with accommodation space for five to six travelers are offered. You can also hire a minibus service if your group is big but it is not much recommended. Prefer the van service and in case of big group hire multiple vans.

The idea of getting a taxi or a transportation service from the airport is not so cool for budget tour Mongolia. Due to the limited availability of un-booked transportation, they will charge you the price of their mouths.

Book Guide

Do not forget to pre-book a guide. Rather than booking one single guide for whole journey booking, for a budget tour, Mongolia prefers to book mini-trips with different guides. Locals of a particular area charge low and allow you to have a genuine experience.

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It will also help you have interaction with more people and you will get a chance to enjoy a lot. Book your mini-trips online and make sure that your trip booking includes a local guide.

While you are in Mongolia you can have two options one with food, driver, guide, accommodation, and other facilities. Two you can have a little more adventure, you can live like nomadic and go for a trek with any local, stay at their home or get your own Ger.

Our Budget Tour Mongolia

Firstly we are not in favor of putting yourself in trouble in other countries. Traveling without a guide means having no translator with you which is not a suitable idea for Mongolia as there is very few signage to guide you. Treks are not smooth and at some places, they are dangerous as well.

Due to a tough winter or lack of necessities your whole plan can turn upside down. When you are assisted with a guide, they know where certain facilities are available, they can translate and communicate easily, they know the treks and ways to deal with animals there.

Plus they will help you have a Ger to stay with suitable locals at cost-effective rates. That’s why we always recommend travelers to hire their mini-trips which are accompanied by proper guides. For a guide for one day, you only have to pay $20-45 per person. When you book mini-trips through our website the cost of a guide is included in the packages.

So you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a guide before every mini trip. For other activities like horse riding, cycling, accommodation or anything additional look at the packages carefully.

On our website, you can also pre-book these facilities or select mini trips which include these facilities.

With accommodation, food, traveling cost, guide, tickets or cover charges of sites (if any) and other basic facilities you need $ 75 to 100 for a day. If you are traveling with a group you need $ 50 to 75 for a day. So if you research a little and book everything with suitable platforms you can easily enjoy a budget tour Mongolia.

The term Budget Tour Mongolia doesn’t mean a tour with below-average facilities. In Mongolia, you can have luxurious facilities at very minimum prices. The sites and major destinations are free, entry passes of mega-events not very expensive you only have to pay within $5 -20. Some non-authentic service providers write cover charges or pass included for most of the sites. But in actual these sites do not have any charges for visitors.

Make sure when you are booking a Budget Tour Mongolia that what is written in the advertisement, actually exists at the destination.