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Mongolia Tours – Step Towards a Whole New World

Every travel enthusiast must visit at least once in a lifetime. You might be thinking why only Mongolia Tours are being recommended by us.

There are plenty of things offered by the land and its people that are totally unique and you will not find them anywhere in the world. Plus this tours are very very cost-effective and its geographical location allows you to plan a multi-destination Trip without spending too much.

Mongolia – A Sparsely Populated Land

The most common complain of the visitor when they go anywhere in the world is that they missed a few things because the destination was crowdy, and there were a lot of locals and foreigners so they couldn’t enjoy the way they expected.

mongolia lands

But Mongolia Trip are totally different, The country land area is big but the land is sparsely populated. You can not only explore every destination without getting disturbed with the crowd but you can also come close to locals to enjoy their culture and living style.

Mongolia Tours offer Nomadic People and Culture

Country tours are special because their culture is the world`s last surviving nomadic culture. Despite coming across technology and modern-day lifestyle they choose to stay connected with their culture and nomadic lifestyle.

Nomadic people and culture

They keep on moving from city to city and construct temporary houses. All their belongings will give you a momentary feeling. The more you stay there the more you get convinced with the idea that life is temporary so live most of it today.

Mongolians Welcome Everyone

Throughout your tour, you will see a smile on the faces of locals. They don’t know your language but they know that you are their guest. Your tour will surely teach you how to accept other people and how to welcome everybody wholeheartedly.

They will offer you to stay in their homes, mingle with their families even for free. Ger people have specially constructed an extra room for travelers who wish to live with them just to explore their culture. I am sure you have never experienced this much warmth anywhere else in the world.

Except for big cities, Mongolia is Untouched by modern life

Mongolians are familiar with modern things and modern life parameters but still, they keep themselves bound with the centuries-old way of living. Mass tourists miss Mongolia tours and along with that, they miss the authentic experience and centuries-old culture.

Most of it is untouched by modern life except two to three big cities. This might give you a feeling that life is empty or difficult there, but you are wrong. Here you will explore how to live a simple life with missing anything in your life.

mongolia modern life

When you will enter their homes you will find everything you need in your life but of a very simple kind. Trip are the best way to learn that simplicity in lifestyle actually lets you live more diversely.

Mongolia Tours are a Gateway to Diverse Nature

The Country is like a paradise for outdoor and long drive lovers. You can start your day just like the hippie hero of Hollywood who wakes up, take his car and start roaming around to explore the world. Every minute of your drive will amaze you because the scenes outside are breathtaking.

The land is full of nature and is so beautiful that you will fell in love with it. There are striking desert steppe and extraordinary incredible sand dunes in the Gobi which in the south. The desert is not just a desert it is what you might have been seeing in attractive sceneries throughout your life. In the west region of Mongolia, there are mountains that are cowered with greenery or snow. When you move towards the north there are stunning lakes.

mongolia nature

So in one Mongolia Travel, you can unfold almost every variety of nature. The diversity will keep on surprising you and there is no chance of getting bored.

Eagle Hunt and Best Vodka is in the West of Mongolia

Most of the travelers miss the Kazakh area but we especially recommend visitors to check west. West-side Mongolia Travel offer a whole new experience, there are mountains, in fact, it is an astonishing and magnificent mountainous region.

eagle hunt mongolia

During winter these mountains are covered with snow and the rest of the time there are lush green paths. Sand dunes and lakes are also here.

Along with mountains, you can also enjoy a magnificent and daring sport of eagle hunting. Every eagle hunter wears a self-designed and created cultural dress, the fight between hunters is wild, funny and full of energy.

Mongolia premium vodka

Kazakh people are Muslim so they don’t take strong alcohol. They produce their very own version of very light vodka with all-natural ingredients. Their vodka is of a kind that you have to drink the whole bottle, the taste is so good that you will forget popular brands.

Mongolia Tours are Preeminent for Animal Lovers

The best breed of dogs, sheep, eagles, leopards, yaks, horses and gazelles are found their. Here you don’t have to visit a zoo or pay for a nature park just to see these animals. You can find them roaming here and there during your tours.

mongolia dogs

Traffic jam in Mongolia is not caused by vehicles; the huge herds of sheep, goats, camels, cows, and horses standing in the middle of the road cause traffic jam. When you visit towns you can see safety fences to keep wild and fierce animals away, behind those fences you can see snow leopards, tigers, yaks, gazelles, and other wild animals.

Przewalski horses and Mongolian dogs will make you say WOW!

Wild Camping is the Charm of Mongolia Tours

Have you experienced sleeping just under the blue sky and watching the twinkling of stars until you fell asleep? If not than Mongolia tours are an option to do what you haven`t done yet. Even the sky is more than ordinary, here it is not just blue with some stars; it is fully covered with stars and most of them are very sparkling.

wild camping mongolia

Camping is full of fun and wild. No toilets, no kitchen, no caravan system, and no electricity which means the only option is to mingle with people or have me time. Once you will come to the end of your tour, you will realize that you have plenty of memories and you enjoyed a lot with connecting to ownself.