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True beauty of the country is here. Country is rich in its extraordinary, unique destinations and attractions. UNESCO world historical heritage site - Orkhon valley , relaxing hot spa day,  fun and challenging activities such as horseback riding or kayaking on the shore of the most beautiful lake Khuvsgul. This trip includes everything you would love to try. 

Visit local nomadic families, live as  nomadic. Bond with them like you are their family member. Create your very own adventure. 

You would create unforgettable memories from each place you visited during this journey. 

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Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Airport transfer
Meeting point
Meet in Ulaanbaatar.
09:00 AM

Attraction places: Ulaanbaatar city is the capital and the biggest urban area of the whole country where almost half of the Mongolian population lives. Surrounded by 4 holy mountains, Ulaanbaatar is Mongolian economic, cultural and political center and has a number of tourist attractions and hosts the most varied types of entertainment.   Among the world’s capital cities, Ulaanbaatar is notable as the capital city located at the highest altitude with the coldest climatic conditions.

Activity: Airport transfer service to your accommodation. 

Day 2 Drive to Terelj national park
Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: Terelj National Park is the most popular destination and the third biggest protected area in Mongolia, including Chingis khan equestrian statue. Visitors can take leisurely strolls on meadows carpeted with edelweiss and a dazzling variety of other wildflowers, view fascinating rock formations against a backdrop of pine covered mountains and wander along the wooded banks of a mountain stream. 

There are also a huge number of adventure activities such as rafting, riding, hiking, skiing, camping and mountain biking.

Activity: Turtle rock formation and meditation temple, visit to a nomadic family. Explore Chingis khan equestrian. Free horse-riding (1 hour), you may shoot archery.  Hike in the beautiful nature.

(Distance approx 70 km,1-2 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 3 Visit Khustai National park - Elsen Tasarkhai Semi gobi
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: Hustain Nuruu National Park, set 91km southwest of Ulaanbaatar, is home to the world's only naturally surviving wild horse. The Przewalski horse (or takhi in Mongolian) has been successfully reintroduced into the wild. On the territory of Hustai National Park and it is butter zone there are many historical monument ensembles of Ungut- famous with it is a large number of man-like figures, which belongs to 6-8th century AD and many other sepultures, rectangular tombs and the ruin of old monastery.

Elsen Tasarhai is a unique combination of sand dunes and green oasis. Elsen Tasarhai literally means " an isolated torn-off piece of sand", and it is a small sequence of a real desert in the midst of green steppes. The area is surrounded by sand dunes, small lakes, rivers, and exotic granite mountains. It feels like in the Gobi Desert, and visitors can hike in the sand dunes. 

Activity: Visit a small Takhi, the wild horse’s museum. Watch a 15 minutes documentary film. See the Takhi horse and other wildlife. Hike around for a little while and take some good shots. 

Drive to Elsentasarkhai. Enjoy hiking to the sand dunes or in surrounding areas Camel ride (1 hour) and relaxation in peaceful nature.

(Distance approx 280 km, 3-4 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 4 Explore Kharkhorin city and Relax at Tsenkher Hot spring
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: The Karakorum was the capital of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Located on the open steppe on the right bank of the Orkhon River in central Mongolia, Kharkhorin, and Erdene Zuu monastery  are part of the upper part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape.

The Karakorum was founded in 1220 by Genghis Khan as a military center. The name means black stones or black walls.

Tsenkher hot spring is the 2nd hottest in Mongolia. The best feature of this particular hot spring is its potent medicinal properties on one’s body. With temperatures ranging from 65-90 degrees Celsius, the water can help reduce stress, lowers the chance to get diabetes, as well as boosts the digestive system along with a variety of other uses. Unwind and relax as you see fit.

Activity: Take photos on the way to Erdene Zuu monastery. its famous museum. Visit funny Penis Rock, Great Kings’ monument and Turtle Rock where you may see the panoramic view of Karakorum and Erdene Zuu monastery. - Hiking to the Orkhon River

You can have a bath in the spring water. Hiking in the forest and admiring the pretty flowers. Read the book outside. Play games. 

(Distance approx 100 km, 2-3 hours drive on dirt road)

Accommodation options:
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 5 Khorgo Terkh National park. Enjoy Panoramic view
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: Horgo and Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. A magnificent region of extinct volcanoes in Arkhangai province. 773 km square area, including Horgo extinct volcano and Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, was protected by the Mongolian government since 1965. The area was well known to the people by its pristine nature, majestic landscape, sheer – crystal lake, plenty of small caves and their wonderful legends. Horgo extinct volcano. Horgo Mountain was an active volcano about 8 thousand years ago. A splendid panorama over the whole region and the lake can be seen from the summit of the volcano.

Activity: Visit legendary Taikhar rock. Take pictures on the way and near the Chuluut river canyon. Visit Zuun Salaa mod which is a sacred tree by locals. Enjoy hiking to Horgo extinct volcano crater. View the panorama of the National Park and take pictures. Visit Yellow Dog’s cave, Ice cave, and Youth’s cave. Watching the lake birds by the Terkhiin Tsagaan lake.

(Distance approx 350 km, 4-5 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 6 Drive to Shine-Ider Soum. Camp around Zuun lake
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places:  This day you will head to Zuun lake in Shine-Ider soum. This large lake is actually a hidden gem of Mongolia. The isolated location, magnificent views surrounded by mountains and forest. There is excellent camping all around. This blue dollop of water is located 13km north of Shine-Ider village and about 100km southwest of Murun. 

Activities: Having a camping trip around the lake would be the best opportunity to explore aquatic birds of Mongolia, having me time in the wilderness of the hidden gem.  

(Distance approx 220 km, 5-6hours drive on dirt road)

Accommodation options:
Day 7 Visit to Khuvsgul lake - Blue Pearl of Mongolia
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: The Blue Pearl - Khuvsgul Lake, the deepest and purest lake in Mongolia. The lake is one of the few glacial lakes left from the last ice age. Some people call it “ Switzerland of Mongolia&rdquo. You have an opportunity to trek to the lakeside & mountain for a better view and photo shooting. 

Activity: Enjoy the lake more by trekking. Take lovely nature pictures. Explore the flora and fauna of the area.

(Distance approx 250 km, 5-6 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 8 Khuvsgul lake Day 2. Chance to enjoy beauty
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: You will witness the most breathtaking scenes of Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Khuvsgul Lake is the deepest lake in Central Asia with a maximum depth of 262 m and contains 1% of the world’s freshwater. The reflections of the surrounding larch forest and majestic KhoridolSaridag mountain range on the blue lake water are extremely amazing. 

Activities: your guide will organise 1 hour horse riding, a boat trip over the lake for you. Enjoy the quietness and beauty of the blue pearl of Mongolia (Khuvsgul lake) in comfort. In the evening, have fun with a bonfire party with your group members. 

(Distance approx 20 km, 1 hour drive on dirt road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 9 Explore Urantogoo Mountain
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: Uran Togoo extinct volcano is located in a beautifully scenic area of Hutag-Undur soum, Bulgan province. This beautiful mountain was protected as a natural monument since 1965. There are several kinds of rare and wild animals in the mountain and its surrounding places.

Activity: Hike to the Uran Togoo extinct volcano and around the crater. Here you will have a great opportunity to compare this volcano crater to Khorgo. Explore the wildlife, fauna, and flora of the area.

(Distance approx 350 km, 4-5 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Day 10 Visit Amarbaysgalant monastery
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places: Amarbayasgalant monastery was established by order of Manju emperor king Enkh-Amgalan Khan built between ”1727-1736” for giving respect to his teacher Undur Gegeen Zanabazar. The monastery consists of over 30 temples. It is one of the less destroyed monasteries in Communist time and the Mongolian government protected it since 1943. It is an excellent place to enjoy the Buddhist cultural heritage of Mongolia. 

Activity: Visit the exotic Amarbayasgalant monastery and enjoy its history. Hiking in and around the monastery and taking some good pictures.

(Distance approx 200 km, 3-4 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Accommodation options:
Nomad Family
Tourist Ger Camp
Day 11 Back to Ulaanbaatar
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Attraction places:  Last day of the tour will start as driving to Ulaanbaatar city.  Today is your chance to do some shopping for souvenirs and cashmere in Ulaanbaatar. Later in the evening, you will attend a live Mongolian traditional music and dance performance. A perfect ending for a perfect journey. 

Activities: Cashmere shopping in most famous factory stores. Tumen ekh folklore concert. 

(Distance approx 300 km, 4-5 hours drive on dirt and paved road)

Day 12 Departure Mongolia.

You will be transferred to the airport.


  • Walking through Sukhbaatar square
  • Visit the imposing 130-foot tall Genghis Khan Statue.
  • Take in the beauty and wonder of the beautiful Terelj National Park.
  • Visit a nomadic family
  • horse-riding
  • Aryabal temple which is a meditation temple
  • Visit Elsen tasarkhai and camel ride trial
  • Visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas
  • Visit Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake
  • Visit Khorgo extinct volcano
  • Enjoy hiking to Horgo extinct volcano crater.
  • Zuun lake
  • Have a memorable stop at Khusvgul Lake
  • Take a boat tour at Lake Khuvsgul
  • Horse riding
  • Hike to the Uran Togoo volcano crater.
  • Visit the historic Monastery built by Manju emperor King Enkh-Amgalan Khan.
  • Zaisan Memorial Hill
  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar
  • Enjoy Traditional Folklore Concert


We offer 2 different type of tour arrangements for our customers.

Standard Arrangement

Standard arrangement tour is the perfect combination of luxury and a budget tour. Choose from the best tours around Mongolia with a reasonable price. 

You will be staying in a tourist ger camp (traditional dwelling) shared between 2 to 4 people, with currency, modern shower and toilet facilities and other useful services in the countryside. All accommodation offered is personally checked by our staff to ensure standards.

We will use the highest level, latest model, air-conditioned private vans or 4WD vehicles for the maximum comfort on your touring days. A day's drive in the countryside will be approximately 200-250km.

Budget Arrangement

Budget arrangement tour means traveling for the lowest cost , while still having a certain level of comfort, without missing anything.  

Visiting and  staying with nomadic families which means everyone staying in one ger with 4-6 beds, making your own food with the help of your guide, and camping in beautiful spots are included in the budget arrangement. Just a similar way of bed and breakfast.

We will use the safest, air-conditioned private vans or Russian UAZ vans on your touring days. A day's drive in the countryside will be approximately 250-350km.

Enhance your trip with add-on experiences

Your tour includes all the essentials but you can add extra wow-factor to your tour by adding on the experiences that suit you best.