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Mongolia Trips

Many people assume that Mongolia is one of Earth's last frontiers, a destination so far-flung and remote that only the most experienced voyagers can get there. Some people have a perception that the land is very isolated and only nomads can survive there. But it is not the reality.

Geography of Mongolia

Mongolia is a noncoastal country located in Central Asia and East Asia. It lies between China and Russia. It is roughly an oval shape area with a total land of 1,564,116 square kilometers. The travelers coming from the Western part of the world usually make a multi-destination tourism plan and include trip with China or Russia. Such plans are easy to execute and considered cost-effective due to several airlines serving in between these countries.

Mongolia geography

The Altai Mountains are in the west, the Khüiten Peak is in the west region, close to the Chinese border. The eastern side of the country has plains. Lake Khövsgöl is Asia`s largest freshwater and there are many salt lakes as well. Alpine forests, marshes, rolling grasslands, sand dunes, mountain glaciers. it is an active zone for earthquakes, hot springs, and extinct volcanoes. It also touches the border with the Bohai Sea. Gobi Desert is in the southern region of Mongolia and is popular for dinosaur ruins.

Recommendations and A Little About Some Amazing Places of Mongolia

Steppe, Ger and Mongolian Lifestyle

Steppe and Ger are other amazing attractions. You can have a camel ride almost everywhere. You see extended grasslands and beautiful sceneries all over the country. The more you will travel the more you will explore the colors of nature. The most attractive and unique thing about trips is that most of the land and sites are free from artificial beauty. All you will see is nature, animals, nomads traveling on their animals, and temporary style homes known as Ger.

The modern lifestyle is not the genre of Mongolians, they prefer to live simple but live of your life happily. That is why the land is far from buildings, heavy traffic, and pollution. Follow the etiquette of locals during your trip to mingle with people.

amazing places in mongolia

The hospitality is at its peak, during your Mongolia trip you can select any Ger to stay and once you will knock the door you will experience an overwhelming hosting without demanding any price from you. They trust travelers and welcome everyone with open hearts. Rather than going for pre-booked Ger, for genuine experience visit any of them randomly.

You can also pay a visit to local temples, mostly Buddhist temples are there in small regions. The monk will not only help you know about their beliefs. They are also very good at defining historic events linked to the land of country.

Visit the Capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Your trip will automatically start from Ulaanbaatar as the international airport is located here and most of the flights cater destination through Ulaanbaatar Airport. Also, the Trans-Mongolian train passes through the city.


Here in the city, you can experience a modern and active life. The infrastructure of the city is well-managed so it is easy to travel around. You can explore a plethora of museums and monasteries. The dynasties who have ruled here built much small and big building, all these sites have great architecture and can be called as finest pieces of art.

Explore the Puzzle History of Mongolia

You might know about Genghis Khan and battles between China and Mongolia but very few people know that Mongolians are very good at creating and solving puzzles. Shatar is a Mongolian version of chess which was introduced in the Middle Ages and is known as one of the most difficult versions of chess.

historyof mongolia

 Burr puzzles made up of interlocking woods were introduced by Mongolians in the 1900s and are amazingly effective tools to increase the IQ level. These puzzles have proven to play a major role in increasing mind power for strategic planning and problem-solving thinking. International Intellectual Puzzle Museum in Ulaanbaatar was founded by Tumen Ulzii. The museum has 5000+ puzzle toys and games. Some puzzles are made up of pure gold having a price of $100,000 or more.

Learn about the Warrior skills and History

Throughout your trip when you will visit any place you will be told a historic event linked to it. It is because the history of Mongolia is very rich and many rulers of giant Dynasties have lived or spend some time.

Secondly, the history includes several wars and conquer stories. For brief and enjoyable learning of history, it is recommended to include the National Museum of Mongolia in your trip. It is the largest museum located in Ulaanbaatar and you can have a glimpse of the culture, history, lifestyle, mega historic events, warrior skills and a lot more here in one place.

Visit The Zaisan Memorial to witness inspiring mural art for communist-era. Genghis Khan Statue Complex is another amazing place to visit, the Gothic style building with a huge statue of Genghis Khan riding a horse is awesome and sparking. It is an archeological museum having assets from the past and you can also know what are the future plans of the government.  A must recommendation includes a solo picture in front of the largest statue of Genghis Khan.

Other recommended places include Danzanravjaa Museum to know about the treasures of Dulduityn Danzanravja who was known as “Lama of Gobi Desert.” A revered and multi-talented monk who is admired for his possessions like Damaru (a double-headed drum crafted from two human skulls, several Kangling (flutes made from human femur), Two Kapala (two cups made of human`s skull), etc. He was a poet, theater player, dancer, choreographer and man who highlighted the evils of society and stood against them with his art and knowledge.

Don’t Forget Dinosaurs Ruins and Eggs During your Mongolia Trip

When planning a trip do not forget to include special time for dinosaurs fossils presented in the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs. The museum has real paleontological gems like Tarbosaurus Bataar Skeleton which has very closely resembled Tyrannosaurus Rex, a big full skeleton of an oviraptor which is of height equivalent to a human’s chest.

Dinosaurs ruins

These fossils are privately collected from Gobi Desert. The area near the Mongolia-China border is now a beautifully desolate area where travelers go for a scenic view of the desert, and to ride on a camel. Millions of years ago there where life and dinosaurs used to roam around. You can visit the digs done to get the fossils. You can also see hundreds’ of other wow things as well.

Within the Gobi desert, there is another very interesting place known as Flaming Cliffs. As it is clear with its name, these cliffs glimmer with a fiery red light that appears to mimic the radiance of the setting sun. The place is also popular as the first spot where dinosaurs’ eggs were found. A fossil of a Velociraptor and Protoceratops locked in a fight were unearthed from here in the 1970s.

A visit to these places will surely add a boom to your Mongolia trip. These places are unique and are rarely visited by the traveler as most of the visitors have four to five most common places offered by tourism companies in their list.

Explore the Religious Sites of Mongolia

Khamriin Khiid Monastry in Urgun is known as the center of the world's spiritual energy. It was founded in 1820 by Danzanravjaa and a complex was built here in the 19th century by Khamriin Khiid. Along with a place to pray and carry religious activities, it was also a singing, dancing and theater institute and a public school of the 18th century.

Eej Khad (Mother Rock) in Sergelen is a prime destination for fervent Buddhists and Shamans living in Mongolia. It’s a granite stone having a figure naturally molded into a vaguely human form. Pilgrims in big groups visit the place to seek advice and have their wishes granted.

The parishioners bring biscuits, rice, milk, vodka and other goodies for goddess and place these things of the table or scatter all around the compound.

west mongolia religion

Mongolia/Russia Border Crossing No. 487 in Teshig is a place set deep inside thousands of hectares of the Siberian forest. The border was a center of loots in past now the Mongolian and Russian sides are protected by guards. On the Mongolian side, you will find very few hamlets across the desolate landscape.

The churches in the area were built several years ago and their architecture is mesmerizing. This place is not often added in Journey because you need a permit from the General Authority for Border Protection in Ulaanbaatar.

The Centre of Shaman Eternal Heavenly Sophistication is another mixed site. Some people add it in their Mongolia trip for religious reasons whereas some visit the place to have a genuine experience of Shamanism.