Visit the Khongor Sand Dunes

Umnugobi Province, Southern Mongolia

National park: Gobi Gurvan Saikhan 

How to get there: Khongor Sand Dunes is located in Umnugobi Province and 740km from Ulaanbaatar city and 200km from Dalanzadgad City, the capital of  Umnugobi province. You can get there by vehicle after reaching to Dalanzadgad City. 

Altitude: around 2100 meters above sea level

Things to do: Camel riding, hiking, trekking, photographing, filming, visiting nomadic family, watching wildlife 

The Singing Dunes is the highest sand dune of the Khongor Sand Dune which is the largest and most spectacular sand dune in Mongolia. Singing dunes is sand that produces sound. The sound emission may be caused by wind passing over dunes or by walking on the sand. This dramatic scenery features many colors of nature as a white sand dune, the light green grass, red-blue mountains, and the eternal blue sky.

Visitors climb on the dunes. The views of the desert from the top are wonderful. Alongside the sand dunes is an oasis through the Khongor river flows.