Visit Terelj national park

Around Ulaanbaatar

National park area: 26.100 hectare
Altitude: around 1600m above the sea level
How to get there: around 70km from Ulaanbaatar and all way is paved. You get there by car, taxi or local bus.
Things to do: Trekking, Horse riding, rafting, kayaking, climbing, hiking, photographing and filming,

If looking for one of the best natural scenery and beautiful place to do everything you want such as trekking, hiking, horse riding and photographing, that is Terelj national park which is located 70km north-east of the Capital of Mongolia. Terelj National park is a deservedly popular destination. The area is cool and the alpine scenery is magnificent. The Tuul and Gorkhi Rivers flows through the park and makes it more significant. 


The national park is south-east end of Khentii Mountain range and home of many species of wild life. Among them, some endangered species of moose, brown bear and weasel. Also in this area, over 200 species of birds recorded. 


Terelj was first developed for tourism in 1964 ad 30 years later it became part of the Gorkhi-Terelj National park. Attractions include Khagiin Khar Lake, a 20m deep glacial lake 80km upstream from the tourist camps, and Yestii Hot Water Springs, natural hot springs 18km further upstream. The park also has a Buddhist monastery that is open to visitors. The park has many rock formations for rock climbers, and includes two famous formations named for things they resemble: Turtle Rock (Melkhii Khad) and the Old Man Reading a Book (Praying Lama Rock).