See wild Przewalski horses at Khustai National Park

Around Ulaanbaatar

National park area: 90.000-hectare area

How to get there: Hustai National Park lies on the south-western side of Ulaanbaatar. Distance Hustai National Park is 110 km and 90 of them are paved. You can get there by vehicle or taxi or bus. If you are catching the bus, you have to walk from the main road to the National park and the distance is 25km.

Altitude: around 1445 meters above sea level

Things to do: Hiking, horse riding, discover nomad way of life, researching, photographing, filming

Hustai National park lies in the hill of the southern Khan Khentii mountain range about 95kms southwest of Ulaanbaatar, which is surrounded by Forest Mountains. Hustai has a unique landscape that features mountain steppe and steppe, also there are sand dunes representing Gobi of Mongolia and River wetlands. The Mongolian Government declared Hustai National Park as a Specially Protected Area in 1993, then the initiation of the reintroduction project of the Takhi to the Hustai Range in 1994. The Przewalski horse (or take in Mongolian) is only naturally surviving wild horse. The Takhi is the last surviving ancestor of the domestic horse. Takhi has been successfully reintroduced into the wild and has a light yellow coat and a short, stiff black mane. Each horse is approximately 250cm long, 146cm tall and weighs on average 300kg.

The national park covers a 90.000-hectare area which has more 450 species of vascular plants, which are mostly for the traditional medicine and more than 80 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 34 species of mushrooms.