Horse riding trip to Princess Lodge

Tuv Province, Central Mongolia

Princess Lodge is one of the unique places around Ulaanbaatar. This place is a temple ruin located in Tuv Province.

In 1699 Manchu princess came to Mongolia becoming a queen of Mongolian noble, Dondovdorj. She left her will before she passed away in 1740. In the will, it was written “I got married to a Mongol man and lived throughout my life with him, so I became a Mongolian. Therefore, please let me lay to rest in a Mongolian territory”. Princess’s servants from the Sunchin tribe have been protecting the area around her grave since that time.

Princess temple is located in the densely forested area. Therefore, the best way to reach this temple is horse riding. The surrounding area is simply beautiful, and you will have an amazing adventure during this activity.