Hike to Bogd Khaan Mountain

Tuv Province, Central Mongolia

National park Area: 41,651 hectares area
Altitude: average is 1700 m and the highest point is 2256m above sea level.
How to get there: the national park is located 60km south-west of Ulaanbaatar city and 12 km from Zuun Mod city, capital of Tuv Province. Almost all the way to the National Park is paved and you can get there by vehicle, bus, and taxi. 
Things to do: Trekking, Horse riding, rafting, climbing, hiking, photographing and filming.

This mountain was officially protected first in 1778 by the initiative of Khure Van Minister (a capital governor) Yundendorj, one of the leading aristocrats of that time. This mountain itself, with its ancient historical and cultural heritage, is located on the southern edge of the capital of Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar. It was once again taken under protection in 1957. The area encompasses 41,651 hectares of land. The mountain is the southern part of the Khentii mountain range, which is the borderline between the forest-steppe and steppe regions, as well as the southern borderland of the larch forest. It also has a special significance in the climate formation of the surrounding area.

UNESCO has also proposed to establish a wildlife park in the region, of up to 65,000 hectares. It surrounds Tsetsegun Uul Mountain and contains the Zaisan memorial, Nukht, and Manzshir Khiid Monastery. At 2256m, magnificent Tsetseegun is the highest point in the Bogdkhan Uul Range, which dominates the skyline to the south of Ulaanbaatar.

Nowadays it’s perfectly safe and legal to walk on the mountain and you can enjoy some terrific hiking and horse-riding trails. From Ulaanbaatar the mountain appears dark and menacing but, once you’re on top, the forests and rocky outcrops are a beautiful sight.