Why Nadaam Festival is a Must-Visit for All Tourists

Nadaam is national festival, celebrated on the 11th till the 13th of July, some of the traditional games are played like the traditional horse racing, the wrestling traditional Mongolian style, and the archery.

Nadaam Festival

Naadam Festival is the most renowned and legendary festival and the greatest national holiday of Mongolia. The great thing about it is that It allows travelers to socialize with Mongolians and monitor and watch the authentic traditional culture and learn a few good things from it. Naadam is not considered as a tourist event, but a holiday that these traditional Mongolians celebrate greatly by participating and playing traditional sports and games with each other.

It is a must visit festival which is not only limited to the traditional games, but the practices of the nomadic Mongolian life, like the using the traditional hunter bird for the preying on the foxes or hares.

How they use to do it in the old historic times, and still till now how it is still preserved and used.

Nadaam have found its place in the top leading festivals in the world that have preserved the ancient traditions of their history. How the songs, dresses, practices are still found to be part of the nomadic minorities in the country. 

Traditions Have Been Passed Down by The Families

It is almost astonishing how the traditions have been passed down by the families. And still have the perfect depiction of its kind in display. Some other festivals also depict the traditional cultural heritage in the country shown in small villages but Nadaam is the main one, includes tourists from all over the world.

As the festival of Nadaam relates to the nomadic Mongolian civilization, apart from the games, they offer traditional cuisines.

They perform traditional arts, there are oral traditions, craftsmanship display and the singing in the overtone of Khöömei, which is a long song.

The Prominent Features of The Nadaam Festival

There is certain type of special dance called the Bie biyelgee, and the fiddle of Morin khuur. Which are included in the festival as the prominent features.

Very unique rituals are also practiced by the people. Like wearing the costume’s which traditional attire are. Many sporting items and tools which are distinctive are also included in the ritual practices in the festival.

All the participants compete to win achievement titles as the reward, which include the sports men and women and even children.

For the contestants they sing songs and are praised by the traditional poetry. Which encourage them to participate, in the events.

Sports Depicting Their Traditional Nomadic Lifestyle

The sports on display the festival are directly linked with traditional upbringing of the Mongols, therefore depicting their nomadic lifestyles the skills of these sports are inhabited in families for generations and are passed on to the new generations.

Naadam competitions highlight the areas of strength, horsemanship, and marksmanship. Rather than of swimming, cycling, and running, it concentrates on sports like wrestling, archery, ankle shooting and horseracing. In annual gatherings of this festival that are held across the country, Mongolians prove, show their support, and celebrate their talent and expertise in riding, archery and wrestling, rather than swimming, cycling and running. The competitor’s range in all kinds of age and gender that starts from the very vulnerable young to that of the very old.

 As they depict both the living condition and lifestyle. Without home schooling it is not possible to still be active till this day and age.

There regiments specified for the training of the archery and wrestling. The festival is not only limited dot the tradition game and cultural display but also depicts respect of the environment and honoring nature.

Most Widely Watched and Participated Festival Of Mongolia

Nadaam is most widely watched and participated festival of the Mongolian people. The existence of these festival is always and practiced since centuries.

Other occasions are also celebrated, which spiritual gatherings and also weddings, training of the soldiers was also done during this festival in the Mongolian times.

So how it begins is by singing the long song, and then performing the traditional nomadic style dance called, the Biyelgee , then traditional offering of food is served to the overall people of the stadium, which are the traditional cuisine called the Khuushuur, and a drink, which is mainly prepared of horse milk, which is  called  airag. Then the three main games are played which are wrestling, archery, and horse racing. Which are called the danzig games.

It was held by the sums during the times of the Qing dynasty. But no longer, as it Mongolian state got free fork the Qing’s dynasty due to the revolution of the1921. nadaam was also the celebration of the new state, it was Buddhist holiday until soviet communist.