Top Eight Things That You Can Do in Mongolia with Family

Mongolia is a land full of many places that are still left unexplored. It is a lesser-explored country in the Central Asian continent. It is an untouched attractive natural setting that is surrounded by land and striking landscapes.

Nature with very little human presence and is one of the most amazing places for you, your family, and, most specifically, your children, where they could run and enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan.


When we think of Mongolia, the thought that usually occurs to our mind is long hikes, peace, and wilderness. Nevertheless, your child's knowledge and growth need to know more about the history of Mongolia. Mongolia's trip can be proven to be very educational and supplemental to a child's young mind and growth. 

Below are some of the few things you could plan out with your kids and family to have a fun, holistic experience.

Mongolian Countryside

Mongolia is a country that has the last surviving nomadic culture. When you are all set to explore the Mongolian countryside to experience traditional Mongolian life, the countryside can be a good option for you and your family to stay with a local family and experience Mongolia's unique nomadic culture.

Mongolians are also known for their hospitability. Camping out in their tents is also highly recommended for a specific person. With a campfire that is lit, your experience can be even better with a traditional Mongolian barbecue and lying under the clear blue sky with loads of shooting stars to count in the clear sky.

The Dinosaur Trail

Gobi Desert is known to be one of the largest and driest deserts on earth. It is one of the largest desert land areas on the continent that holds some of the most ancient treasures and preserves its remnants.

The desert is usually famous because of its dinosaur fossils spread across the land stretch. You could plan a day of reviving the great reptilian giants that once wandered the lands unattended in their excellent glory.

The Balancing Flaming Cliffs are one of the historical and most alluring places that you could visit with a useful guide through which you can travel back in time. You can easily spend some good hours, which can be a very informative time for you to spend with your family. 

Mini Horse Trail

Mongolia is gifted with beautiful Horses. It has a vast horse population. Mongolian culture has always been tremendously fond of horses ever since the previous millennium. 

The Mongolian culture is still highly dependable on its livestock, such as horses for travel and living purposes. 

Mongols are competent riders and are famous for their equestrian capabilities. The ride across the plain in Mongolia is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have with your family. It is considered one of the most enticing places where your child can get in touch with their wild side.

There are specific options for you to hire a guide who will teach your child the basics of riding a horse exceptionally. This could indeed be a fun activity for your kids and you to spend some quality time together.


Camping in Mongolia is a fantastic experience and is considered indeed out of the world. The open steppes and plains let your child experience the freedom that he/she cannot get anywhere in the world. You could camp out and experience the unique nomadic culture in the open plains, light up a campfire, and feed local food off the land with some help from the locals.

This will enable your child to have an approachable outlook towards foreign cultures. This will be a thoroughly allowing and knowledgeable experience for your children.

History lessons

Genghis Khan, the founder of Mongolia, has remained synonymous with the land of Mongolia. The feared warlord turned conqueror is one of the most overwhelming and inspiring figures in Mongolia's history.

The stories that come along and that the elderly tell are some of the most memorable experiences that your child could have. 

Here's a chance to let your child explore his historic side outside that of a classroom by planning a trip to the 131-foot high monument on the banks of the Tuul River to have a splendid experience. With the help of a guide, this could be one of the most educational history lessons about a brave man who conquered the largest land empire in the world and is still known and treasured for his bravery. 

Make friends with the local children.

Mongolian children are one of the friendliest. Of course, they must be shy to meet foreign visitors first, but they are the kindest, curious souls. They have a keen mind to learn about absolutely everything. You will see that they are the most hospitable and happier than ever when they meet with a new friend. They are always thrilled and enthused about playing and learning. 


Mongolian traditional archery for kids could be one of the best experiences that your child could explore nowhere else in the world but here in the open lands and steppes.

Mongolia is the kind of destination that unsurprisingly leads to adventure and exploration because of the many fascinating places and sights it has. Kids can quickly learn, explore, run, climb up, and scramble to their heart's desire. It is truly the safest and the most peaceful land in the world. 


GORKHA-TERELJ National Park is thought to be one of the most attractive places that are worth visiting and exploring for travelers who seek to rest in the surroundings and enjoy nature and its peace.

Suppose you are a fan of adventure and wild activities like hiking, rafting, horse or camel riding, paying a visit to the nomad family, and probably spending one night to stay in their traditional Ger dwelling within a short period. In that case, this is the place for you to fulfill your wishes and desires.

The Bottom Line:

Mongolian culture is the exact opposite of what kids are exposed to back in their homes.

No electricity, no internet and no screens around. Removing such things and taking your child out to experience nature and what the environment provides is truly an exceptional experience and an incredible learning curve. The nomadic culture can be even more captivating than ever without the distractions they have back at their homes that drive them away from nature.