All You Need to Know About the Majestic Altai Mountains in Mongolia

majestic Altai Mountains mongolia

The word Altai was once used to refer to the mountainous country of Asia. This country covers the majority area of Russia, from Kazakhstan to the west and into Mongolia and China in the east and south, no wonder why it is known as the Golden Altais. 

The unforgiving, harsh, and dry climate has obligated the people of the Altai Mountains also to be tough and hardy so that they can easily survive here. The wild animals are no different than these tough people.

The majestic Atlai Mountains are shared by four countries Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. Still, this vast string of majestic Altai Mountains are sprawling across Central Asia and Southern Siberia.

The Altai Mountains are the home to untouched nature.

The diverse territory is home to a vast range of beautiful and captivating flowers and creatures. From the turbulent rivers, snowy peaks, wild nature, and falling valleys, to the glittering glacier lakes that spark like turquoise gems set into the foothills, to rich green meadows, woods, and boreal forests, and endless plains, it's as if nature is showing off itself. If you even plan to visit Mongolia you just cannot miss visiting the beautiful scenic beauties of these mountains.

The Altai Mountains are the center of Eurasia.

The Altai Mountains are situated in the middle of the world map. For this Altai Mountains are also known as "Omphalos place," which means the earth's navel. The Altai Mountains have an incredibly picturesque landscape covering different natural zones and cultural world’s altogether. It is also where the famous majestic Golden eagle is hunted.

Altai Mountains

Altai is the land of higher mountains – Belukha Mountain

Altai has one of the most significant mountains of Southern Siberia and Central Asia. Being located on the land of four vast land countries, it occupies more than 2000 km stretching from the north-west to the south-east.

The Russian Altai covers the covers the Altai Republic's land, the Altai Territory, the Republic of Tuva, and the Republic of Khakassia. The highest peak of Altia is Belukha Mountain which exceeds the height of 4506 m. Belukha Mountain is a sacred place situated right in the "center of the four oceans," the Arctic, the Indian, the Atlantic, and the Pacific. These oceans are equally distant from Belukha Mountain.

Glaciers of the Mongolian Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains in Mongolia are blessed with beautiful and sparkling glaciers of the world. It has more than ten incredible largest glaciers that are located in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains. It has the largest glacier globally, Potanin, which is 14km long and named Grigory Potanin.

Rock carvings of Mongolian Altai Mountains 

The Altai Mountains in Mongolia have the best visual record of prehistoric human representation. This historic site of the Mongolian Altai Mountains is known as the Petroglyphic Complex of Mongolian Altai. This place has more than 1000 human statues and petroglyphs representing the ancient tribal history from past thousands of years, and the culture dated back from Neolith to Bronze Age.

Kazakh and Tuva Nomads

The western Mongolian Altai Mountains have been sacred with Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Tuva and Kazakh are especially known for their nomadic lifestyle and heritage with diverse cultures and religions. They worship Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain since they had settled in Mongolia's Altai Mountains to protect this beautiful and blessed region. Including the wildlife and historical/cultural heritage sites for hundreds of years gives us a chance to discover our ancestors' way of living and beautiful untouched wild nature. 

The untouched wildlife of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia

The National Park of Mongolian Altai Mountains is all about mammals, including red deer, brown bears, gray wolves, foxes, and marmots. These beautiful creatures are not only a matter of pride of Mongolian Altai, but they are also an object of concern. This place is filled with snow leopards, argali white sheep, Eurasian eagle owl, snowcock, golden eagle, and all those rare animals to find in other countries of the world.

The Altai Mountains, crammed between the countries and borders of Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and China is an ominous and rocky place.

 Even instead of this, this land possesses a lot of beauty in these mountains and anyone who even looks up and takes one look cannot help themselves, but explore this awestruck beauty and praise them.

Various different wild animals call these majestic mountains home for instance beautiful species like the magnificent golden eagle, the Grey wolf, Argali sheep which is the largest sheep in the world, snow leopard, Eurasian lynx, Siberian ibex, brown bear, Corsac fox, Mongolian gazelle and many more.

Many of these animals like the exceptional and rare breed like the Argali sheep are common to the region and are usually found.

There are also quite a lot of types of deer like the the forest reindeer, Altai wapiti, moose, Siberian musk deer and the Siberian roe deer.

Animals like Wild boars are also found in the famous and majestic Altai mountains.