Summer Events In Mongolia

Traveling in Mongolian vast land, enjoying the beauty of nature, experiencing the nomadic culture - Besides everything in your bucket list in Mongolia, what else can you add to your adventure? 

Amazing, fun events! 

Although it’s not really well known around the world, Mongolia is full of exciting events especially in Summer. From traditional Naadam festival to all-night dancing in greenfield, here is the list of all celebrations, sports events, and music festivals of Mongolian summertime. 


Cultural Festivals in Summer 


Naadam festival 


From July 10th to July 15th, the most pleasant days of summer, it is a Mongolian biggest festival, Naadam day. Festival continues for 5 days straight and the whole country is on vacation during Naadam days, enjoying the festive atmosphere. 

From the 10th of July, Naadam starts as “Traditional clothes day” which is a whole parade of citizens with colorful, traditional dress Deel. The official opening ceremony occurs on the 11th of July, starts at the National Stadium at 11 AM when the symbolic Nine White Banners are ceremonially transferred by horse soldiers from the Government House to Naadam Stadium and the Mongolian president delivers a speech. After the opening ceremony, the famous man-three-games will start. The archery, game, and wrestling take place in the main arena in Ulaanbaatar, while the horse racing takes place on an open field 30km west of Ulaanbaatar. 

Also, if you couldn’t manage to see the Naadam festival in Ulaanbaatar, no worries. Mongolia has 21 provinces, and their 333 soums and towns celebrate their Naadam festivals locally through the whole of July, therefore you have plenty of chances to get soaked in the festival atmosphere. 

The Danshig Naadam and Khuree Tsam festival

And even if you miss Naadam season, there will be another Naadam festival, Danshig Religious Naadam in August. The Danshig Naadam and Khuree Tsam festival is one of the biggest and ancient religious and cultural festivals of Mongolia.


Yak festival 

The Yaks Festival is one of the most important festivals in Mongolia which is held each year on the 23rd of July, in Orkhon Valley In Central Mongolia. 

Yaks Festival highlights this domesticated wild animal.

The program of the entire day focuses on the Yak, including events such as Yak milking trials, beauty contests, Yak polo, and of course races! During the festival, you will see locals wearing their traditional clothes, and attracts a lot of travelers because of its uniqueness. 


Tsaatan festival 

The Reindeer Festival is held on the July 8-9th in Khuvsgul province, the land of Mongolian reindeer herders to promote reindeer culture internationally. 

The festival has 16 years of history and attracts thousands of tourist travelers each year. The main goal of the festival is publicizing the unique lifestyle, culture, and customs of the Dukha people living in the northern region of Khuvsgul Province in hopes of improving their livelihoods via tourism incomes of the locals. The event features a reindeer race and many interesting activities such as demonstration of reindeer herders’ camp, reindeer riding, mini Naadam with 32 wrestlers, shaman rituals, cultural concerts, and more. 


Yohor Folk Art festival 

The Yohor folk arf festival has been organized since 2005, annually every year on the 4th of August. The Festival is famous among Mongolians and travelers and the festival aims to inherit the culture and art of Western Mongolia as well as introducing and promoting it for domestic and foreign tourists. The festival includes performances of melodies performed on traditional instrument horse-headed fiddle, ethnic groups such as Hoton, Buriat, and Bayads throat songs, biyelgee (Folk dance), and more. 


Sport events in Summertime


Wind of steppes 

Do you love motorbikes? Want to feel Wind of Mongolian steppe on your motorbike and want to enjoy modern music while you travel in Mongolia.  If so,  you should participate in this festival. 

Wind of Steppe Moto festival is an absolutely unique festival connected with motorcycle riders with all types of motorcycles such as Chopper and more every year, in June. During the festival, you can see the development of Moto sports in Mongolia, share your experiences with other riders. 

The festival will start from the Central square of Ulaanbaatar to Chonjin Boldog where Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue. In the evening there will be a music festival. 


Ulaanbaatar marathon 

For everyone who loves to run, the Ulaanbaatar Marathon gives a great opportunity to run the streets of the capital along with hundreds of locals and visitors. Every year the third Saturday of May Ulaanbaatar city declares “No car day” and the Ulaanbaatar Marathon takes place. 

The Ulaanbaatar Marathon is one of the interesting events for both experienced and inexperienced runners of citizens and visitors. The marathon starts at Sukhbaatar and finishes back in there.


Bogd Khan mountain trail 

Do you want to run in a more extreme way? Then the Bogd Khan Mountain trail is a quite challenging race! Finishers can get 3 ITRA points for the completion of the 64km trail run! The winner of the 64km trail run can get 500 points from the Asia Trail Master Championship organization. Also the runners can challenge in the 10km and 21km categories.


Music festivals in Summertime


Paytime music festival

PLAYTIME 2020 will take place for three days on the summer weekend of July 3-5th, every year, before Naadam holiday featuring the best of new and established international and Mongolian bands and artists. It is the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia held at Hotel Mongolia in Gachuurt village located 30km outside of Ulaanbaatar. It was founded in 2002 and is organized as a non-profit live music festival.

Across the festival site several stages host a wide variety of music all day including indie, rock, folk, metal, jazz, electronic,  and hip hop music. The main stage Playtime showcases the headliners while the New wave showcases upcoming new music groups. The festival introduced Naglikhaats, an electronic music stage, and Replay art fair in 2013 to feature international and local electronic music and recycled art and fashion. Designated tent areas, food court, and V.I.P zone are also features of attraction for the festival-goers. La Vie En Rose Tent hosts acoustic, jazz, soul artists as well as stand up comedy performances, meetups, panelists, and speed dating events.


Hunnu Music festival 

“Hunnu Music Festival” named after, one of the Mongolian powerful empires and also one of the world’s 7 biggest civilizations, the Hunnu festival is organized on the purpose of introducing local tourism and modern Mongolia through all genres of electronic, hip hop and dance music of Mongolia and worldwide. The festival is held in the Chinggis Khaan statue complex each year. 

This music festival will provide an opportunity for electronic music lovers to enjoy their free time in fresh air during the summer in an environmentally friendly way. Moreover, it is going to be organized under the slogan "Mongolia with no garbage" and "Friendly Ulaanbaatar".


XMF Music festival 

XMF - Xyyp music festival is one of the biggest Mongolian international music festivals.  

Festival held in August at the National Sports Stadium, Ulaanbaatar every year. XMF aims to bring out the new hidden talent on the stage and also brings in a wide range of international teams and artists to their festival. Each year the XMF festival is expanding, in 2019 there was an attendance reached to 45000. 


So, have you chosen your festival? These festivals will give you its own special energy that will last as one in a lifetime. Experience the Mongolian new generation youths, culture, and heritage up to those festivals.