Random useful tips in Ulaanbaatar


Mongolian population has been counted at 3 million in 2019, and 35 percent of Mongolians are young people, from 14-34 years old. This makes the whole country of young people. In Ulaanbaatar city, almost half of Mongolians are living, and yes, it is a sprawling city. 

So here we have few random tips that can help you in any situation while traveling in Ulaanbaatar. 


Where can you get Sim card? 

In Mongolia there are 4 telephone operator companies and each of them have their best offer. 

If you are planning to make a lot of calls to other countries maybe Mobicom will be your best choice. Maybe if you need internet access more than phone call you can buy Unitels smart data sim cards with 7-10 USD depending on your usage. 

And if you decide to buy a sim card you can find all of the operator companies on the 5th floor of the state department store. 


Phone is broken?

With some unfortunate situations your trusted friend - smartphone is broken and you don't know where to fix it? 

Around 500m from the department store you can find a 4 story white building called Tedy Center. On the second and fourth floor you can find professionals to fix your phone. 


Money in Mongolia

The Mongolian tugrik (MNT) is the official currency of Mongolia: Sometimes also written as tögrög, the Mongolian currency is quite low in value. The current rate as of January 2020 is 1 USD = 2740 MNT. In Ulaanbaatar, it’s easy to find an ATM machine that will accept an international Visa or Mastercard. Converting USD to MNT works too


Where to get trusted tourist information? 

In Ulaanbaatar you can spot some young people in the uniform of tourist police. They are always ready to help tourists and provide important information. 


Buses and taxis 

You will need to have a bus card to use the bus in Ulaanbaatar city. It will cost you around 1.5 USD and each time you take the bus you will pay only 20 cents. The bus card is called U-money and you can charge it 1-2 dollars and it can be more than enough. Also in Mongolia you can download UB Smart bus app to track the buses and stops. 

For a taxi it can be a little complicated. Most of the time a taxi will cost 40-50 cents per kilometer, but be careful when you take a taxi from the airport or train station. Sometimes you could be double charged. Therefore it is recommended to use airport transportation from your booked hotel or travel agency. And by the way - In ulaanbaatar almost every car can be a taxi so don't waste your time waiting for yellow colored ones. 


Food chains are almost everywhere. 

In Ulaanbaatar if you can't find your favourite Mongolian cuisine - no problem. There are plenty of international food chains such as Burger king, Pizza hut, KFC and more. 


Where to enjoy beer and music? 

After a long day of city tour would you like to enjoy some ice cold beer and nice music? As a city of the youth Ulaanbaatar has a lot of chill and nice places to have a pleasant evening with your friends. 

Most simple choice would be “Seoul street”. In Seoul street you can find jazz bars, classic beer pubs, cocktail lounges, or even night clubs. 

The best places to recommend you are: 

Mojito cocktail house 

Republic pub 

UB jazz club 

Dublin Irish pub 

Choco night club 

They are all in one street, so you can find them without any problem. 



When you want to watch your favourite movies in Ulaanbaatar, you have plenty of choices. 

List of the cinemas: 

Urgoo 1, 2 and Imax Urgoo 

Tengis cinema 

Prime complex cinema 

Hunnu cinema 

I cinema 

Gegeenten cinema

Movie tickets would start from 3$ to 10$ depending on the days of the week. For example Urgoo cinema has 30% off during 10AM to 5 PM work days, and Tengis cinema has 50% off every wednesday. 

You can watch it for free if it's your birthday in every cinemas and all the snacks and drinks are really cheap in Ulaanbaatar. And Just like other countries, In Ulaanbaatar all cinems has their own entertaiment centers  to enjoy your time there.