Mongolia Water Adventure and Other Thrilling Activities

mongolia water adventure

Mongolia`s nomadic life is, however, a vital reason for tourism in Mongolia but there is a lot more offered by a Mongolia vacation plan. Yes! Nomadic life is just the beginning of the adventure, apart from it the country awards tons of other thrilling activities to travelers.

When you plan to visit Mongolia, you think of culture, food, lifestyle or in rare cases Genghis Khan. What you are missing is a long list of trekking and spots, rivers offering rafting and kayaking, biking adventures, fishing area and much much more…

Mongolia trips are a complete package of fun, adventure, excitement, and exploration. It has something for everyone. No matter what your age group is, likes and dislikes are, you will find something amazing for yourself here.

The cherry on the cake, Mongolia trips are cost-effective, the visa process is easy and it’s a safe place for group or solo traveling.  So here are some details about activities Mongolia trips offers to their visitor.

Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking – Explore the rivers in an exclusive way

Mongolia is often eulogized for being the last country in the world where river and stream water is as pure as good company mineral water. It is clean, transparent and you can directly drink it. Altai, Khentii, and Khangai are the four mountain ranges of Mongolia. Almost 400 spouting rivers flow through these mountains.

All these rivers in North of Mongolia allow you to take a ride on a canopy, raft, canoeing, paddling boat or any of your choice. Each river has something more than just a water adventure. During your Water Mongolia Trip, you can visit national parks, archeological sites, historical sites and meet the wildlife of Mongolia.

Suman and Chuluut Rive

You can start your water trip in Mongolia from the Suman river as it is calm so you can enjoy the scenery and surrounded beauty. Gradually the water becomes playful (class III and IV). Where Suman water converges with Chuluut water, the river becomes a little more frisky.

Paddling through Chuluut is even more exciting. Class III white water let you photograph the moments. The surrounded grassland and herds of animals will amaze you. Fox, wolves, and bears can be seen if you keep an eye on the grassy area. Some lucky travelers have also sightseen giant Taiman during their Mongolia trip to these areas.

You can also catch the stunning Uur river or take a route to Ider river for Kayaking adventure. The other route from Uur river can take you to Tsagaan-Uur Village. From the Urr you can take a vehicle to Bulgan and Erdenet province as well. 

Uilgan and Delgermurun River

Uilgan river is an exciting rafting and kayaking spot. The cliffs are vertical, around the river there is a lot of greenery and an abundance of wildflowers. The vertical cliffs are special as they raise hundreds of meters. They are grey or white in color, naturally formed with granite and limestone.

From Uilgan to Delegermurun, surrounded natural beauty is a glimpse of heaven. You can also hike or take a ride on Bactria camels to complete the journey. The panoramic view and animal herds roaming here and there will surely move your heart.

From there you can move towards Ulaantaiga which is a highly protected circumpolar boreal forest area. Wolves, Wolverines, Roe Deer, Red Deer, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Lynx, Sable, and Moose are local inhabitants of the area. You can explore the wildlife behind the safety barriers. Colorful species of birds are another highlight of the area.

Terelj and Tuul river

Flowing through the Terelj river is ideal for families or groups accompanied by females. The water is suitable for beginners or newbies. Genghis Khan`s horseman statue is the tallest one in the world, during your Mongolia trip to Terelj you will have an opportunity to sightsee it.

Calm water is great for relaxing and photography. History of this geographical area is also very interesting so accompany yourself with a trained guide to know about it. You can also swim along the shore at some parts of the rives as the raft moves slowly.

Gorkhi Terelj National Park is like a delight for Mongolia trip to the Terelj river. The southern part of the park is specially designed for tourists. There are Ger camps, restaurants, souvenir shops and much more. Near to it are Khagiin Khar Lake and Yestii hot water springs.

You can also move towards the Buddhist monastery to explore more. Tuul river is flowing through the park which adds a magnificent beauty to Terel National Park. Here, park wildlife and more than 250 species of birds are waiting for you.

You can also include a parachute facility to enjoy more. Looking at the whole area from an altitude is not only beautiful but adventurous too. Park also includes natural rock climbing formations, famous turtle rock and praying Lama rock.

Eg-Uur and Selenge River

Mongolia trip to Eg-Urr and Selenge is not just about rafting; it is about fishing of Taimen as well. Paragliding and High-rope Gardens are also offered during the Mongolia trip to the Eg river. The river later connects to Selenge river which is the best place in the world for fly fishing. Selenge river flows into Lake Baikal. So basically you are rafting or kayaking in the source rivers of Baikal.

The deltas of Eg and Selenge are extremely beautiful and untouched. Taimen and Lenok (rainbow trout) abundance in water makes it easy for visitors to get a good catch. The fishing camps nearby have the facility of a bonfire and cooking fish over it. The best time to visit Mongolia for fishing is between September and October.

It is recommended to pre-book your water Mongolia tours and the facilities you want. On spot bookings sometimes make you compromise over quality or even safety. Many tourists miss out a parachute or other facilities as other travelers have booked them or organizers have not made arrangements for them.

Your Mongolia trip will be a complete pack of multiple trilling activities so don’t wait much. Book your Mongolia trip now and explore the heaven on earth.