Fun Facts About Mongolia Every Traveler Should Know

You might have heard about dinosaurs fossils, Ger and nomadic life but still, there is a lot to unwind about the fantastic land of Mongolia. From the hospitality of people and natural beauty to wildlife and tasty cuisine, there are tons of unique things. The more you dig in about Mongolia the more new and thrilling information you will get and the more you will desire to visit Mongolia.

Here I am sharing some fun facts every traveler should know before visiting Mongolia.

Three Countries in One Go

If you could cross the whole of Mongolia in one day, you would have been to three countries on that particular day. Simply saying you would be traveling three countries in one go.

North Mongolia touches the border with Russia, and in the south, it touches China. On the other hand, Kazakhstan is located only 37 km away from west of Mongolia but does not touch the border. The minimum distance between Kazakhstan and Mongolia makes it feasible for travelers to hit multiple destinations.

Extreme Weather Conditions –Long Winter More Rain

Winter is extremely cold and longer as compared to other cold countries in the world with a perk of very short summers in the middle of the year. The cherry on the top, each year almost 257 days the weather is cloudless with high pressure.

In northern areas of Mongolia, there is snow and rain each year but in the South, there is no rain at all for many years which causes dryness in the environment. You can experience two extreme weather conditions in the North and South sides of Mongolia. So pack your bag accordingly to avoid any hassle. Otherwise, you have to hit the local bazaars or shopping malls in city areas to get some clothes to beat weather conditions.

The capital city shifted from the Karakorum to Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the only actual city in Mongolia with all urban facilities and it is the capital city as well. But in the past Ulaanbaatar was not considered as important as it is now. During the time of the Mongol Empire Karakorum city which is in the Western part of Mongolia.

Wanna Visit the Highest Place in the World? –Visit Mongolia

Mongolia is located at an average elevation of 1.6 km above sea level which is higher than any other country in the world. Mongolian Plateau is not just high, it is a complete package of hundreds of wonders like so many lakes, a lot of natural beauty, coolest mountains, and much much more… Mongolian plateau.

Fourth Largest Copper Mine is in Mongolia

Erdenet which means “with treasure”  is the third-largest city in Mongolia. The city was named for mining deposits under the crust. Erdenet has the fourth largest copper mine of the world and is the source of income of majority Mongolians.

Inner Mongolia and Mongolia are not Same

Inner Mongolia is a part of China and is counted as a province of China which is located along the border of China and Mongolia.  China’s Qing Dynasty divided Mongolia and the parts of the dynasty into two, inner and outer Mongolia. Outer Mongolia is now known as Mongolia and is administered by the Mongolian government. Inner Mongolian areas are now a part of China and administered under China's government.

Derogatory term Mongoloid and Calm Reaction of Mongols

The Mongoloid word was once used by white people commonly and in medical terms as an adjective for someone suffering from Down’s Syndrome. Word Mongoloid means “of or like Mongols” because patients look like Mongolian individuals which are obviously not true. Such racist and derogatory words never bothered Mongols much and they used to respond with a smile and words like such people are also a gift of God. This simple nice and calm gesture over such disgusting remarks shows the high level of parenting and a let go nature of common Mongolians.

Later this term was removed from several dictionaries and medical books by publishers of different countries to end this racism. But people still appreciate the positive and calm response of Mongolians over this issue.

Mongolian Songs are Long But They are Actually Short

When you will hear a Mongolian song it is long, in fact too long as compared to normal English songs of today`s time. When it comes to lyrics of a Mongolian song, it is shorter than an average English song.   So technically the long song is not actually long, the music is long and involves drawing out the syllables as long as singers have potential. The long song mostly has 10 to 15 words only but the soundtrack will be three hours long.

Mongolia Demanded Stolen dinosaur skeleton.

Eric Prokopi smuggled a dinosaur skeleton in 2012 to America. When this came under the notice of the Mongolian Government they quickly launched a legal case against Eric Prokopi in the USA and demanded to return the dinosaur skeleton. In 2013, the American judge sentenced Eric for three months jail, a heavy fine, and commanded to return the skeleton to Mongolian authorities. Now that dinosaur skeleton is in a museum in Ulaanbaatar.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and while visiting Mongolia you will keep all these in mind to travel by an idea of traveling to a land that is unique, special, and yet undiscovered by many travel enthusiasts.