7 Most Adventurous Things to Do in Mongolia

Mongolia, located in the heart of central Asia is an exceptionally beautiful country that holds unique values. If you are in for some adventure then Mongolia is truly one of the world's great adventure travel destinations. From its extraordinarily beautiful landscapes to its incredibly hospitable and friendly people, Mongolia will never cease the opportunity amaze you. It is a historical country where their culture and old traditions are still surviving.

Mongolia size

Mongolia is home to some of the most adventurous and the most beautiful places in the world. From its modern capital of Ulaanbaatar to its wide open steppe, Mongolia will definitely take your breath away. And when you are all in for some crazy adventure then the Altai mountains and Gobi Desert have a lot in store to quench your thirst that any adventurer will fail to resist.

Below listed are the most adventurous things to do in Mongolia

Explore Ulaanbaatar A Compartively Modern City Of Mongolia

With a vast population of more than 1.5 million, nearly half the entire population of Mongolia calls Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia home.

Ulaanabaatar is comparatively a modern city of Mongolia,it offers many basecamps and also many comfortable hotels to stay in. It even has good food and clubs where you can enjoy and have a good time.

Some of the best tourist attractions consist of visiting the National History Museum, wandering through the famous Genghis Khan Statue Complex, and dropping by the famous Gandantegchinlen Monastery, which houses more than 150 Buddhist monks.

Spen A Night In A Ger

A ger or yurt is a traditional Mongolian home where nomads stay and call home that has been used on the Central Asian steppe for many thousands of years.

It is obviously larger, long lasting, and stronger than a classic tent, a ger is however still portable and comparatively easy to set up anywhere you go.

 Nomads have used yurts as their homes and shelters for a very long time period keeping their tradition alive, It keeps them well protected from the harsh wind, rain, snow, and freezing cold. Obviously, they make for a great place and a unique experience for visitors to spend the night too, creating an exclusive and an exceptional camping experience unlike any other.

There are dozens of ger camps that are located and found throughout Mongolia and they believe on living with what the environment provides them with. Offering almost everything from a very basic place to spend the night to luxury expensive experience, you can have it all.

 Some gers are located in or near urban locations, while many others can be found in remote, wilderness environments. In any travelers get a sense of what it is like to experience and stay in one of these irreplaceable and captivating places. These nomads depend highly on their livestock for survival.

Explore the Incredible Altai Mountains by Horseback

Mongolia is home to many wild horses and the greatest horsemen that have ever lived. Which is the reason why Genghis Khan was successful in building and maintaining such a huge empire. What can be a much better and a more adventurous way to explore this country than by horseback?

This vast, and spectacular frontier is largely unoccupied, with very less nomadic families that preserve and follow a way of life and the type of living that is very similar to how their ancestors lived many hundreds of years ago. They have kept their traditional way of living alive away from all the hustle and bustle of country life.

The snowcapped mountains of the Altai make for a dramatic backdrop for horse rides carried all day long, even though if you'd wish to hike that option is available too. In simple words, there is no better way to see this remarkable country.

Take a Camel Trek through the Wilderness Of Gobi

The Altai Mountains may be striking and remote, but that isn't the only wilderness and unique landscape that is worth visiting or you can say adventurous in Mongolia.

The Gobi Desert stretches across more than 500,000 square miles, it enjoys the reputation of creating one of the most dramatic environments on the planet.

Visitors are mostly enchanted by the rolling sand dunes, rocky outcroppings, and arid plateaus. In spite of that however, the Gobi is place that is a lively place, and a must-see destination for any adventurous traveler.

Experience The Most Famous Nadaam Festival

Naadam Festival is one of the most famous festivals that is celebrated all over Mongolia and it takes place in early- to mid-July each year. Alongwith all things Mongolian, the origins of the festival has a long history that dates back hundreds of years that is connected to the very brave Genghis Khan himself.

As the story that holds deep meaning goes, the men from the Great Khan’s army would contest with each other in three unique and different events. Such as archery, wrestling and horse racing.

These three activities are still followed by the people of Mongolia and sit at the heart of Nadaam Festival, which attracts a huge audience and foreign visitors every year.

If you plan on visiting in July, you may be able to experience this wonderful Mongolian festival anywhere near you. It would provide you with a great opportunity to attend any place nearby ranging in all sizes from small to incredibly large.

Visit the Eagle Hunters And Experience Their Traditions

Mongolians love to keep eagles and hunt them. It is Mongolia’s most admired traditions to hunt eagles and it has a story that stretches back to more than 6000 years. The nomads of the planes and steppes used to pet these eagles to assist them in fox hunting to protect their herds and livestock’s through which they make a living.

It is a fascinating experience for travelers and visitors. These eagle hunters are most of the times willing to introduce travelers and explorers to their birds all year round that will give you an opportunity to see a magnificent golden eagle up close and personal.

Travel with the Nomads to Their Permanent Winter Camps

The winters in Mongolia can be very long and harsh. With temperatures routinely dropping to -40 degrees F in January, Ulaanbaatar the capital ranks top in being the coldest capital city worldwide.

Those who love winters and are in finding the opportunities to have a unique adventure in winters here will have the most unique travel experiences imaginable.

In addition to offering a summer journey on horseback to the Altai, Tusker Trail has a winter itinerary that is unlike any other too. Visitors will actually travel with the nomadic herders as they move from their autumn camp to the more permanent shelter of their winter home, getting a chance to explore the mountain landscape that few outsiders ever get to see.

In this season if you plan to tour you can find amazing ways to actually travel with the nomadic herders as they move from their autumn camp to the more stable shelter of their winter home, getting an opportunity to explore the mountain landscape that few outsiders may ever wish to see.